Gija collection

The new limited edition GIJA spring/summer collection is here! This collection has been designed and manufactured with global pollution and "quick consumption" problems in mind. The manufacturing processes focus on reducing raw materials and waste production to create a sustainable and responsible environment. The highest quality silk, cashmere, and Merino wool yarns have been selected for this collection, which is characterized by exceptional softness, durability, and functionality. The clothes of this composition are pleasant to wear, perfectly balance and maintain the optimal body temperature during the warm or cold season. Gently, fresh, pastel colors and unrestrained silhouettes inspired by nature contribute to the creation of maximum comfort. Compositions of natural linen and knitwear create a unique, natural, and earthy design. The designer of sustainable fashion REDA PAULA contributed to refining and implementing the vision of this collection. GIJA collection is inspired by the recent year, which was full of challenges, positive side - the discovery of peace, refinement and reminder of certain values and the pursuit of long-term things. The collection exudes softness, coziness, peace and carries a message about a positive, beautiful, and more sustainable future.
Silk, cashmere, and merino wool dress. A mysterious straight silhouette with a unique GIJA pattern on the front.
Inspired by nature. Designed for a feeling of comfort and freedom.
For a minimalist but eye-catching image creation, we recommend combining this dress with long GIJA cardigan or a sweater with buttons.
The cardigan with lowered shoulder lines and roomy pockets will fit during a vacation or spending time in the city. Combination with wide linen pants or a dress to create a subtle, cozy style.
Combination of the highest quality sustainable, natural raw materials and minimalist accents.
Limited edition, uniquely designed wide linen trousers. The silk, cashmere and merino wool knitted waistband is a creative solution of the GIJA team to provide maximum wearing comfort and a unique design.
An irreplaceable selection on hot summer days and not only! We recommend to combine it with a sleeveless blouse or a short sweater with buttons.
Universal sleeveless silk, cashmere and high-quality Merino wool blouse that can also be worn as a vest. We recommend combining with linen pants and a cardigan in the same color.
Top-quality silk, cashmere, and Merino wool free silhouette sweater. Timeless and suitable for any season. To create a harmonious combination, we recommend combining it with a sleeveless blouse and linen trousers of the same color.

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